Murrelektronik wins the German Innovation Award 2019 for the Cube67 Diagnostic Gateway | Murrelektronik

1. julij 2019

Murrelektronik wins the German Innovation Award 2019 for the Cube67 Diagnostic Gateway

The automation company Murrelektronik has been awarded the German Innovation Award 2019 for their outstanding innovation performance! The Cube67 Diagnostic Gateway, which makes accessing data in installations extremely easy, won over the jury of experts and earned a Special Mention in the category of Excellence in Business to Business – Machines & Engineering.

The German Innovation Award that puts the focus on innovation. It recognizes products and solutions from all different industries that have created a significant value-add and customer focus compared to the previous solutions. The jury is made up of independent, interdisciplinary experts from industrial, scientific and educational institutions. The applications are evaluated according to the degree of innovation, user benefit and cost-effectiveness. The innovation strategy should take social, ecological, economic sustainability and the use of energy and resources into consideration. Factors such as location and employment potential, longevity, market maturity, technical quality and features, materials and synergy effects play a decisive role in the judging process.

Murrelektronik’s Cube67 Diagnostic Gateway met these requirements! It enables plug & play access to machine and plant data via an Ethernet interface. The solution is easy to implement, makes errors easily identifiable and increases the run time of machines and systems. Commissioning teams use the Diagnostic Gateway to scan the topology of the Cube67 system and identify any installation errors at an early stage. Maintenance and engineering teams rely on it to detect errors quickly and easily.  

The German Innovation Award was created by the German Design Council. Founded by the German Bundestag and supported by the German industry, this independent and internationally active institution is committed to the competitiveness of companies. With competitions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and publications it makes a significant contribution to knowledge transfer and design issues. Since 1953, the German Design Council’s competitions have distinguished, design, branding and innovation achievements worldwide. More than 300 German and international companies and over three million employees currently belong to the German Design Council.

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