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27. maj 2021

Turbo-charge your business now!

The competitive edge that makes all the difference: cost reduction of up to 30 percent thanks to systems technology solutions by Murrelektronik.

Cost pressure and competitive pressure increase all the time. Integrated automation systems provided by Murrelektronik can save you time, money, and hassle by taking the pressure off the electrical installation of machines and plants and giving you the competitive edge that makes all the difference.

Claim your pole position

Electrical installations that are no longer up to date can slow everything down and put machinery and plant engineering businesses at a disadvantage compared to their competitors. Construction and machinery concepts that have developed over years are frequently a hindrance to modern-day, cost-effective production. A large number of non-synchronized components lead to more wiring and activation efforts and frequently necessitate retrospective extensions and modifications. A lack of space in the control cabinet and problematic interfaces with several different suppliers add to the confusion.

Sounds familiar? Then turbo-charge your business with Murrelektronik today! As specialists for zero-cabinet automation technology and decentralized installation solutions, we are redefining energy, signal, and data transfer, with solutions that are tailor-made to your requirements and those of your business. Our experts leverage the unused potential in the electrical installation of machines and plants, which translates into cost savings up to 30 percent.

Stand-alone solutions are yesterday’s news

Outdated electrical installations can slow machine and plant construction down. Classic installation solutions always place the entire control technology in the control cabinet, linked to sensors and actuators in the field via a large terminal block level. A large number of individual components make this system prone to errors and require intense assembly and activation efforts.

As a next step, the classic parallel wiring from the control cabinet was moved into the field, with separately mounted terminal boxes distributing energy and data in the machine periphery. This reduced installation efforts somewhat but increased the number of possible error sources even more. Troubleshooting in case of short circuits and surcharges turned out to be particularly time-intensive and wiring faults between the control cabinet and the periphery are also common. The consequence? Long downtimes and production outages.

A system on your side

As part of the DESINA research project, scientists at Munich Technical University compared classic installation concepts with systematic decentralized concepts, with a view towards determining the potential cost savings that come with a changeover. Practical experiences gathered by Murrelektronik during reference projects with businesses in all industries and of all sizes have confirmed the results of the study.

Two factors in particular are crucial for achieving cost savings of up to 30 percent:

  • Decentralized automation technology – Components aren’t placed in the cabinet, but in the direct vicinity of the process.
  • Systemic installation technology – Coordinated system modules are used instead of a range of individual components.

5 top arguments

Installation solutions from Murrelektronik provide you with a competitive edge thanks to...

  1. Shorter lead times from construction through to start-up
  2. Cost saving in installation technology
  3. Future viability thanks to cutting-edge technologies
  4. Compact automation systems with optimized diagnostics
  5. Systems that work together and generate savings in all areas

Small efforts, big results

When it comes to cost optimization, Murrelektronik adopts a holistic approach: The construction phase, for instance, only makes up ten percent of the total machine cost. However, 70 percent of the overall cost are determined at construction stage, as important decisions are made and power, data, and signal paths are defined.

The Murrelektronik experts know exactly what elements to tweak in each position of the value chain in order to optimize the installation technology of machines and plants:

  • During construction, the installation concept is defined, which has a major influence on the cost-effectiveness of the machine at a later point.
  • The right installation solutions reduce the complexity of the parts to be procured by purchasing. Other benefits: verified quality, reliable deliveries, a global sales network, and fewer suppliers.
  • Decentralized, streamlined and flawless installation is our core competence. Standardized connectors save enormous amounts of time and reduce fault rates.
  • Murrelektronik systems are based on intelligent software. This reduces the time spent on programming, makes standardization easier and actively supports integration with higher-level software systems.
  • Decentralized I/O systems make for quicker activation. Ongoing part activation is also possible. The modular diagnostic system minimizes the troubleshooting workload.
  • Service made easy: Industrial quality, durable design, and EMC-resistant electronics guarantee long operating times, even in challenging environments. Subsequent modifications and additions are easy to implement, thanks to the modular concept.
  • Production benefits from precise diagnostics information that increases machine availability. The option of IIoT connections opens up new productivity potential. With the installation technology being decentralized, less space is needed, thus freeing up valuable production space.

Real-life success stories

An installation concept for the sweeter sides of life

For chocolate processing, the Swiss technology company Bühler AG transitioned its rolling mills from centralized machine control with conventional point-to-point wiring to a decentralized installation concept featuring plug and play. Preassembled cables and plug-in connectors and the shifting of intelligence to sensors and actuators reduced the number of terminals and therefore the size of the control cabinet by half. The time it took to connect the machine was reduced by a factor of 2.5. The retrofitting of Murrelektronik’s Cube67 significantly reduced the installation time required for activation – which applies to more than 150 machines a year.

A pretty little package prepared by Murrelektronik

Somic, German manufacturer of packaging machines, relies on the flexible modularity of its functional units and a modular system. Murrelektronik’s installation technology meets all the system technology requirements: Connecting the modules is simple, standardized, and open.

Great improvement for machine construction

The switch from single wiring in individual terminal boxes to decentralized machine installation provided SN Maschinenbau based in Wipperfürth with material and time savings of up to 70%. What’s more, the introduction of preinstalled function modules has made our construction and assembly quicker.

Take a leaf out of the book of these top companies and get in touch with the Murrelektronik experts! We are happy to draw up a concept that is tailored to your needs and to point out where you can save money.

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