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17. junij 2019

Ice cream delights

Murrelektronik visited the ice cream factory „Eis Greissler“ in Krumbach

This year’s summer party was all about delicious delights and tasteful flavors. There is probably no better place than the manufactory of the renowned ice cream producer “Eis Greissler” in Krumbach (Lower Austria) to enjoy a hot summer day.

The team of Murrelektronik and its families went on a journey through the world of ice cream production. We were able to look behind the scenes of the production and learn more about the process of making ice cream. The “Eis Greissler” is famous for its natural tasting ice cream and its use of high quality products without any artificial additives. We could try the different flavors by sampling the goods for a tasting.

Afterwards, the adventure park offered a variety of fun attractions such as pedal go-karts, a giant slide and a bouncy bounce of hay. A mini-zoo with cute little pigs and cheeky goats proved to be popular with young and old. After a little hike on the hill, you could enjoy the breathtaking view of the countryside and the pond with the sun loungers. The perfect spot to relax.

Naturally, the ice cream was the star of the day. But the regional delicacies from the organic kitchen were just as tasty at the convivial dinner. A successful summer day with many culinary surprises!

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